The iDuctor is the ultimate precision heating tool. This electronic tool applies heat by means of induction technology, allowing a wide range of ferrous metals to be heated from the inside out. The crucial characteristic of induction heating is that the outermost components are heated, contrasting with the use of a gas burner which heats everything simultaneously. The difference in temperature (and expansion) of the components makes them easier to separate. Local heating to red heat* is possible within a few tens of seconds. In the case of steel, the temperature will then be between 300°C and 600°C.
This technique can be used with seized nuts, bolts, shafts, nipples, bearings and similar components. Components like these in locations which regularly experience heat, vibration, oxidization or corrosion are often very difficult or impossible to remove with ordinary tools, and heating with a gas burner is often resorted to. One disadvantage of this is the risk associated with the use of naked flames in the workplace, and supervision by a workmate is usually required. The great advantage of the iDuctor is that flameless induction heating is far faster and safer than the alternatives. Induction also offers a way out where metal components are frozen together. This equipment can be used by one person and using one hand. A further advantage of the iDuctor is that the flexible coils can be applied in difficult-to-reach areas, and even indoors.

*In practice it is not usually necessary to bring metal components to red heat to free them. Red-hot components are shown in the visual material on this website solely to illustrate the heating power of the iDuctor. Excessive temperatures can lead to degradation of the heated metal and damage to the heating coil.


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