Action Hydro is one of the largest suppliers of high-torque motors. These motors have made a continuous evolution. The sales of the HMC motors with double stroke volumes have surpassed the sales of the HMB motors with a fixed stroke volume. In addition to the existing range of Staffa drives, we can now also supply the HPC and HMC motors. The HPC motors have torque sensing and have a continuous stroke adjustment. Action Hydro can also offer electronic variable stroke options. The HMF motor is a novelty: it is a HMC motor with a 3 speed or with an extra free wheel position, ideally suited for winches but also for other rotating drives.



 Kawasaki Staffa motors, the complete HMB and HMC series in stock:

• HMB 10 • HMC & HMB 30 • HMC & HMB 45 • HPC & HMC & HMB 80 • HMB 100 • HPC & HMC & HMB 125

• HMB 150 • HPC & HMC & HMB 200 • HMC & HMB 270 • HPC & HMC & HMB 325 • HMC & HMB 400 … and much more

Kawasaki Staffa spares:

• Staffa Connecting Rods • Pistons • Cylinder Blocks • Staffa Retaining Rings • Staffa Cylinder Heads

• Staffa Valve Housings • Staffa Covers • Staffa Valve Spools • Complete Staffa Seal Kits • Staffa Shaft Bearings • Staffa Splined Shafts

• Staffa Keyed Shafts • Staffa Tapered Shafts .........



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