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Battioni Pagani’s revolving blade vacuum pumps

Ever since 1953, Battioni Pagani® has been a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of revolving blade vacuum pumps and accessories for agricultural and industrial markets. The rotary blade vacuum pumps ‘Battioni Pagani Pompe®’ have been designed and constructed in compliance with EEC safety regulations and have been assessed for risks according to standard UNI EN ISO 12100:2010; in particular, they are in conformity with directive 2006/42/CE and subsequent modifications and additions. Since the design of this pump complies with the definition of a machine as contained in the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, the pump bears the CE mark on its identification plate.

MH Hydraulics is your partner in the design of complete vacuum systems for road and agricultural tankers. MH Hydraulics can advise you on choosing the most efficient drive system for your vacuum pumps, be it mechanical or hydraulically-driven.

MH Hydraulics stocks a wide range of vacuum tank accessories such as primary safety valves, secondary safety valves, knife valves, pressure release valves, and more.

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