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MH Q-Seal Solutions

Complete turn-key CNC Seal Manufacturing Systems

MH Q-Seal offers you the latest in CNC machining technology: state-of-the-art computer technology, seal production software and high-performance sealing materials – the complete solution for modern seal production up to 750mm OD. MH-CNC-Lathes are custom-made, fully integrated systems for the instant production of various seals used in hydraulic and pneumatic applications, and engineering plastic parts. Machinery, software, semimanufactures and tools are precisely tuned to guarantee efficient machining and top-quality products. Lathe-cut seals gain an ever-increasing market share in today’s sealing industry and are widely accepted in OEM and MRO applications. MH Q-Seal contributes to the success of this manufacturing technology.

High-end Technology

The machines are based on custom-designed lathes for metal machining and are modified and upgraded with all the features necessary for the machining of seals and plastic parts. All machines are equipped with high-end mechanical and electrical/ electronic components. The high-precision guide-ways, disc-turret, bearings, drive system and control unit are without exception made by well-known brands who define the standards of modern CNC machining technology.

These top-quality components, in combination with a sturdy machine design, guarantee the long service life of a MH Q-Seal Manufacturing System.

In order to guarantee the smooth operation of your MH Q-SEAL CNC-Lathe, our customers will receive training on their machine at site. After technical acceptance, the machine will be commissioned and installed on site by one of our representatives. MH Hydraulics carries a complete range of semi-finished rods and tubes.

Technical Features

  • Complete machine system for production of seals up to 400/750mm OD
  • DUPLOMATIC 12-station tool turret with VDI-20 tool clamping system
  • FANUC drive and control system
  • PC with MH Q Seal software
  • Chip cutter & suction
  • Material clamping system
  • Cutting tools & holders
  • Accu-Finish tool lapping machine

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