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Press release MH Hydraulics Europe BV Acquires ABS Cilinders BV and WDH Cylinders BV


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Press release

Rotterdam, 1 November 2021


Bundling Hydraulic Forces:

MH Hydraulics Europe BV Acquires ABS Cilinders BV and WDH Cylinders BV


On Monday 1 November 2021, during a meeting at ABS Veendam, it was announced that MH Hydraulics has taken over the companies ABS Cilinders BV and WDH Cylinders BV.


The missing link

MH Hydraulics wants to expand its position as a partner in hydraulics worldwide. To realise this objective, MH Hydraulics went looking for the missing link: a production facility for a wide range of custom-made cylinders. Marco Kraak (partner and general director), together with Remy Sluimers (partner and financial director), made an inventory of the Dutch hydraulic market. During this process, they came into touch with Rob Abee from ABS. From the first meeting, everything clicked. The acquisition process proceeded very quickly, also thanks to the open and frank discussions with Rob and Freddy Teuben of WDH. The takeover of ABS and WDH fits perfectly into the strategy of bundling hydraulic forces to serve the hydraulic industry worldwide.


The supply packages of ABS and WDH fit together extremely well

ABSABS Cilinders BV in Veendam has been a manufacturer and service centre for short turnaround, custom-made hydraulic cylinders for industry, shipping and the offshore market since 1983.

WDH Cylinders BV in Eersel has been a manufacturer and service centre for custom-made large-bore and special cylinders for the heavy engineering, maritime and offshore industries since 1993.


Jaap W. Vaandrager of MH, about the acquisition: "I grew up in and with hydraulics. When we acquired MH Hydraulics in 2012, I already knew that one day we would have a production facility of hydraulic cylinders to offer a complete hydraulic service. With our global network and special focus on the Middle and Far East, our new team will be able to grow the business further, with Rob supporting us for the future. We are proud that, with the MH, ABS and WDH teams, we can guarantee years of hydraulic service, with a friendly and healthy working environment, so we can offer the best product and service for our customer's customer."


Speaking about the acquisition, Rob Abee said: "I am extremely proud that ABS and WDH will be part of this group. MH Hydraulics is a reliable and professional organisation. The acquisition will offer ABS & WDH new opportunities to grow further in the production and maintenance of high quality and custom-made hydraulic cylinders. This means a new and important step in the history of ABS & WDH.”


Bundling Hydraulic Forces

MH Hydraulics -                   since 1973

ABS Cilinders -       since 1983

WDH Cylinders -                since 1993

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