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Shipping information

We can either organize the shipping of our products directly to your premises or you can get your own transport partner to pick up your products from one of our locations. 

Handling only

When you choose to get your own transport partner to pick up your order, you can select 'Handling only' when completing your inquiry. In this case, we charge a handling fee of 1.95% of the total order value. We make sure that your products are ready when your transport partner arrives at our location. The handling fee includes the printing of a transport label that you can provide as part of your order. Packaging excluded and will be priced at cost for shipments over 23kg.

You can also visit us and pick up your shipment – A hot cup of coffee will be served while we safely load your goods!

Terms of delivery

2.1 Changes to the work will in any case result in additional or less work if:

a. there is a change in the design, specifications or specifications;

b. the information provided by the client does not correspond to reality;

c. estimated quantities differ by more than 10%.

2.2 Additional work is calculated on the basis of the price-determining factors that apply at the time the additional work is performed. Less work is settled on the basis of the price-determining factors that applied at the time of the conclusion of the agreement.

2.3 The client is obliged to pay the price of the additional work as referred to in paragraph 1 of this article at the discretion of the client at one of the following times:

a. if the additional work occurs;

b. simultaneously with the payment of the principal;

c. at the next agreed payment term.

2.4 If the sum of the less work exceeds that of the additional work, the contractor may charge 10% of the difference to the client in the final settlement. This provision does not apply to less work that is the result of a request from the contractor.

3.1 The Client shall ensure that the Contractor can perform its activities undisturbed and at the agreed time and that it is provided with the necessary facilities for the performance of its activities, such as:
    a. gas, water and electricity;
    b. heating;
    c. lockable, dry storage space;
    d. facilities prescribed on the basis of the Working Conditions Act and regulations.

3.2 The client bears the risk and is liable for damage in connection with loss, theft, burning, damage to property of the client, contractor and third parties, such as tools, materials intended for the work or equipment used during the work, which are located on the place where the work is performed or at another agreed place.

3.3 The Client is obliged to take out adequate insurance against the risks referred to in paragraph 2 of this article. In addition, the Client must ensure insurance against work risk of the equipment to be used. The client must send the contractor a copy of the premium on first request. In the event of damage, the client is obliged to report this immediately to its insurer for further processing and settlement.

3.4 If the client fails to fulfill its obligations as described in the previous paragraphs of this article and this results in a delay in the performance of the work, the work will be performed as soon as the client still fulfills all its obligations and the contractor's schedule allows this. The Client is liable for all damage resulting from the delay for the Contractor.

4.1 The work is considered completed in the following cases:
    a. if the client has approved the work;
    b. if the work has been put into use by the client. If the client takes part of the work into use, that part is considered to have been completed;
    c. if the contractor has notified the client in writing that the work has been completed and the client has not made known in writing within 14 days of the notification whether or not the work has been approved;
    d. if the client does not approve the work on the basis of minor defects or missing parts that can be repaired or delivered within 30 days and that do not prevent the work from being put into use.

4.2 If the client does not approve the work, he is obliged to notify the contractor of this in writing, stating the reasons. The client must give the contractor the opportunity to still deliver the work.

4.3 The client indemnifies the contractor against claims by third parties for damage to parts of the work that have not been completed, caused by the use of parts of the work that have already been completed.

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